Welcome to the new Tell It Like It Is NH website and its "Tell It Like It Is"  show finder launched in January 2013 for the convenience of our show viewers.


To find a show, simply click on a tool bar category at the top of the page. Use your browser's back link to return to this Home page to continue searching for other shows.


Navigation Bar Categories

Issues: shows about current topics and controversies (If you click on the dropdown menu, you can go directly to the most recent shows)

Political Candidates: interviews with 2012 candidates for county, state, and federal offices

Bedford Officials: interviews with Bedford appointed and elected officials

Regional & State Officials: interviews with county, state, and national appointed and elected officials

Prominent Organizations: interviews with representatives of political, civic, and charitable organizations that make a difference and/or are engaged in a public issue

"Just Saying": opinion commentaries on emerging issues and newsworthy subjects


Please note that all past "Tell It Like It Is" shows are not currently on the website, but they will be added in coming weeks.





Thank you for visiting the website of Tell It Like It Is NH.


In June of 2011, the very first "Tell It Like It Is" show aired on BCTV, which is the community access television station in Bedford, NH. Its original purpose was to delve into local issues and topics that often receive little or no attention but should. As the months passed, the show expanded to cover people and subjects that were impacting or would impact not only the community of Bedford, but the region and/or state as well.


In just 18 months, nearly 80 different shows have been completed. All have aired on BCTV, and more recently, have also been made available on YouTube. Many shows have also been posted on numerous websites, and our viewers have also widely circulated shows by providing links to their email lists of contacts in both Bedford and far beyond.


The original "Tell It Like It Is" show now has two new spin-off series. The first is "Public Officials Tell It Like It Is", that will feature as its guests elected and appointed officials at every level of government.




The second is "Just Saying",which will offer opinion commentaries on emerging issues, and on subjects that suddenly become newsworthy. Because of its timing, its initial distribution will be through YouTube, but most will also be made available to BCTV.


As I write this note, the website is not complete in that all past shows are not currently posted due to the time that it takes to do so.We did not want to postpone the website launch because of this. But in coming weeks, past shows will continue to be added. And of course the website will continue to expand as new shows continue to be produced and then added. Also coming will be links to my blogs.


Ultimately, we will offer you the opportunity to add your comments to the website. However, we will not allow commentators to be anonymous. In the spirit of 'Tell It Like It Is", we expect people to take responsibility for their remarks.


Please feel free to email me at anytime at my personal email address kathybenuck@comcast.net . Your personal emails will not be published, but will be considered as correspondence between us. And I do promise to answer all emails.


Kathy Benuck

January 1, 2013

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